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Hi, I'm Bryton!

I grew up on an 80 acre farm in eastern Oregon where farm cats were as plenty as corn fields. Some of my fondest memories are mornings my siblings and I would spend hunting for where our latest mama cat took her kittens overnight. I loved my magical childhood on our farm. It helped me develop a love for animals and nature!

I met my high school sweetheart at age 17 and we married when I was only 19! We have 4 wonderful kids and now have our own small farm in Texas where we are raising our children. We love our time spent together outdoors and around our many farm animals! And I love that my kids get to have a magical childhood surrounded by Gods beauty just like I did!

I got my first bengal, Benny, as a rescue cat and fell in LOVE with the breed! He was quirky and odd and made me laugh all the time! When I would leave for vacation, I thought constantly about getting back home to him. I had never loved an animal so much! A year later for christmas, my hubby got me my second bengal, Copper. They were the greatest anti-depressant for us all! We would spend our evenings together laughing at them while they chased laser lights or splashed in the bath with our kids. They were so much a part of our family - they even had their own stockings at christmas time! I truly had caught the bengal fever!! 

I jokingly {sort of} told my hubby that my dream job when I grow up would be kittens - anything with kittens! I just love them so much!! Well, he is a pretty amazing man and has always supported me with my crazy dreams. When I asked him a few years later to start a cattery, he excitedly helped me build a beautiful cat run and remodel a room in our home! To which he asked me "Are you just so happy that all of your dreams have come true?"

Of course the answer is Yes! I am quite happy!

About me

Bengal Bright Cattery

Our little home cattery is small and sweet! Our queens and kittens have a room in our house right off the dining room. Their door is all glass so we can watch them all day and they love to watch us in return {and meow at us to come play}. They love to climb the catwalks all over the room, hide in our cat bench and sleep the days away. Out the window and across to the cat run, we have a 10 x 12 cat run for our queens. I have always believed that some fresh air is good for their spirit and body. They love the access to the outdoors and they love to say hello to our studs. 

Our studs are housed outdoors with an adjoining wall to the queen cat run. They have a 10x8 outdoor space with access to a cat coop - as we like to call it. It is a 4x4 house for them to keep warm and dry. The cat coop also houses their littler box, food and water. They also have a wonderful cat wheel outside that is always in use for exercise. 

All of our kitties get tons of attention between my kids, my husband and myself. We proudly have our cats right by our house and visitors love to comment  on them and give them some love and attention. 

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