Lux is our beautiful silver future queen. She has an amazing personality - both playful and affectionate. She is a stunning silver rosetted girl with green eyes. We cant wait to see the beautiful kittens this girl will produce down the road!

Lux is lattin for Light and Illuminating


Lior LOVES to play and will chase just about everything! She is also very affectionate and will demand that you pet her! She has a funny personality and we love watching her play!

Lior has deep rosettes with a gorgeous light background. She has golden eyes and glitter for days. 

Lior is Herew meaning 'Has Light'


Thea is so sweet and gentle. She will sit patiently waiting for love and is always sure to be tender with her paws. She has dark rosettes and green eyes. Her glitter is amazing and sure catches your eye! 

Thea is the greek goddess of light.


Gracie is an amazing mama! She is so loving and patient with her litters and really produces amazing kittens. She is such a sweet lady who wants to just sit on your lat and snuggle all day! She has gorgeous distinct rosettes and deep green eyes!


Zia often get refered to a Zippy Zia because she is quick and full of life. She is always running around and is on a mission to move. She is sweet and hillarious to watch. She has big clouded rosettes and bright green eyes.

Zia is Arabic for 'Light Speldor' 

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