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New Additions

We are proud to announce the addition of two new queens to our future breeding program. Sisters Thea and Lior are sweet and gorgeous ladies that we are so excited to have in our home! They are both TICA registered!

Here at Bengal Bright, we like to give our queens names that are related to brightness. So of course our new girls have meaningful names. Thea is the greek goddess of light. Thea has a sweet disposition and doesnt mind the kids carrying her around.

Lior is Hebrew for 'has light'. Lior loves to play and chase toys! She is also has a loud purr and isnt afraid to let everyone hear how much she loves to be petted.

These two are settling in great and are getting lots of snuggles from the kiddos. Cant wait to see these two girls become mamas in the fall of 2020!


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